Siemens Collaboration with the Fabasoft Cloud

With the Fabasoft Cloud , Siemens AG is shortening the time for consensus-building and the release of technical project documentation through agile and efficient cooperation with the global partners. This accelerates design and change processes, relieves project budgets and ensures more quality and acceptance of the project results.

The hybrid, bidirectional coupling is done using the existing data standards of Siemens AG (XML-based web service communication).

The initial situation

Siemens AG uses the product SAP Plant PDM for the creation, administration and distribution of internal and external technical documentation of global projects. SAP Plant PDM is tightly integrated with other transactional and database-based IT systems from Siemens AG. This forms the basis for a single, precise and complete documentation of a project by Siemens AG (“Single Truth”). In compliance with budgetary, qualitative and contractual requirements. However, the creation and release process of the project documentation requires intensive collaboration with consortium, customers, suppliers and other globally involved business partners.

It has been shown that the consensus building for the individual project phases due to the missing comprehensive overview of the transferred and current project documentation. Furthermore, there is no oversight of the documents exchanged between the contractual partners.

The currently used replacement tool is no longer state-of-the-art and is no longer fully accepted by the partners. If Siemens AG could significantly reduce the time it takes to form a consensus and for overall coordination and decision-making processes.

The cloud solution

Geoffrey Moore, a major author and thought leader for information and communication technology, is one of the first to demonstrate that the “systems of engagement” (“Systems of Engagement “) wants to lead to new innovative business solutions that better and more efficiently manage complex tasks in global business processes. Siemens AG is pursuing this approach for the next generation of IT systems with the project “Siemens Collaboration with the Fabasoft Cloud”. Specifically, Siemens AG has extended the product SAP Plant PDM (“System of Record”) with the Fabasoft Cloud (Collaborative “System of Engagement”).

The Fabasoft Cloud is a software service for secure document exchange and secure collaboration across companies and locations. The Fabasoft Cloud provides customers with the certainty of where the data is stored in the cloud, with which they globally, and what happens to the data in the cloud (fulfillment of compliance obligations). The Fabasoft Cloud has received the “Certified Cloud Service Certificate” from TÜV Rheinland, certified to ISO 27001 as well as ISO 20000 and tested to ISA 3402 type by PricewaterhouseCoopers. In addition, Siemens AG has committed the Fabasoft Cloud to intensive internal security audits.

The bidirectional coupling is done technically via the existing XML data standards of Siemens AG (Siemens XML schema for the exchange of SAP PDM project documentation). The technical implementation was completed within four weeks by the model-based implementation with the Fabasoft Cloud Ecosystem. SAP Plant PDM only needed to set up a new transport route (“shipping order”) for the standardized XML-ZIP archives. Otherwise, no capital expenditures were incurred for Siemens AG. To use the solution, each of the involved projects – depending on the size – pays a fee per month.

The business benefit

The responsible project staff place the technical project documentation “from the SAP Plant PDM” into the Fabasoft Cloud “at the click of a mouse” and thus mobilize the enterprise content from the internal system for global consensus building between all project partners.

Within the scope of your access rights, external project participants have access to the project documentation in the Fabasoft Cloud via a simple and intuitive user interface, which is available in every standard web browser and via mobile apps for tablets and smartphones. The solution is optimized for easy and fast navigation in the documentation as well as for the recording of comments, feedback and supplementary documents. An enrollment is not required. These results can be automatically returned to the structured technical documentation in SAP Plant PDM via the XML interface.

The solution enables the employees and employees of Siemens AG of time in the projects for easy, efficient and secure collaboration across company boundaries, global time zones, languages and cultures. The cloud application helps significantly reduce lead times for consensus building, coordination and approval of technical documentation in collaboration with all partners. The sometimes complex challenges and exceptional situations of global projects are easier to master in cross-functional collaboration.

This accelerates the processing of the individual project phases, relieves the project budgets, increases the quality and acceptance of the project results and leads to more productivity in the projects of Siemens AG. As the Fabasoft Cloud is available globally as a software service and the integration with SAP Plant PDM is based on Siemens internal standards, Siemens AG can reuse and expand the solution for other projects of the Siemens Group without further investment.

Siemens Collaboration with the Fabasoft Cloud

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