With three clicks to the right cloud offer

How many marketable cloud solutions already exist, gives an idea hardly. The field for this is unclear. Therefore, the SaaS and cloud computing network SaaS EcoSystem eV wants a media library with "real" cloud services build. 

Under www.cloud-planer.de potential users is now a neutral marketplace available to the user company transparency about solutions, experts and technologies in the fields of software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing provides. The offer can be searched "divisions" based on various criteria such as "industry", "Applications" and. So those interested can find the right SaaS / cloud providers for their cause after a maximum of three clicks.

The cloud scheduler collects profiles of available cloud solutions, cloud technologies and cloud experts. "The range of cloud solutions is growing by leaps and bounds," says Wolfgang Schmidt, in charge as CEO of SaaS-EcoSystem eV for the cloud planner. "As cloud computing for most providers has become a very interesting trend, many jump on the train on without having done it proven solutions or intense experiences today." 

Therefore, SaaS-EcoSystem also has high quality standards to its cloud planners placed. Seeking companies to find cloud solutions that have already proven themselves in practice here exclusively. Constitute the criteria for a "real" cloud solution

The solution is based on Internet technologies and provides a browser-based interface or an app for mobile devices. 

The user can administer the application. 

It is guaranteed that all customers are working at all times with the same software release. 

The software is provided automatically and the customer can make the device itself. 

The solution architecture enables any scaling, so the unlimited for the target group using the application.

Solutions that have already been awarded the "Trust in Cloud" -Qualitätszertifikat of SaaS-EcoSystem will be highlighted on www.cloud-planer.de. Likewise, he who seeks finds on the cloud marketplace experts on all relevant technical issues in the cloud business and worth knowing posts by "cloud experts" who represent in video clips of complex subjects understandable. awarded the quality certificate "cloud expert" SaaS EcoSystem persons with proven expertise and presents them to the cloud planner. This is complemented by information on news and events in the areas of SaaS & Cloud. Main concern of cloud Planner is to provide information; a profit does not exist.

In the first version, the offers and solutions are presented from the SaaS-EcoSystem. Within the next month, the cloud planners should be opened for all other providers of cloud offerings, so users companies receive a comprehensive overview of the solutions offered in the market. Under [email protected] solution providers and experts can already apply for an entry in the cloud planner.

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